Petrova gora is one of the most beautiful and most preserved mountain forest landscapes in Croatia. In 1969 the central part of Petrova gora has been protected due to its exceptional natural worth. The area is full of deep ditches, watercourses and springs and nature lovers find it interesting in all seasons.

Petrova gora was named after Croatian king Petar Svačić who had, according to legend, died there. The foresters had built a monument in remembrance of him. Petrovac, the highest point of Petrova gora, is a vast forest plateau with two considerably small peaks of the same height – Veliki Petrovac and Mali Petrovac. The monument is built on Mali Petrovac, and on Veliki Petrovac are the remains of the Pauline monastery. During the Second World War, the Central Partizan Hospital was situated in the woods of Petrova gora.

Hunting Lodge Muljava is situated in the hearth of Petrova gora. Numerous MTB and trekking bike routes over Petrova gora and surrounding areas start there.

Petrova gora bike offers six interesting bike routes. They differ by length, surface, landscape and complexity and they all start from Hunting Lodge Muljava where you can rent a bike.

Interactive maps of bike routes Petrova gora bike available on Google maps:


Petrova gora Trekking Easy – 24,8 km

Petrova gora Trekking Advanced – 31,0 km

Petrova gora MTB Easy – 18,3 km

Petrova gora MTB Classic – 24,0 km

Petrova gora MTB Advanced – 34,0 km

Petrova gora MTB Epic – 53,7 km

Petrova gora maps


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