In less than half an hour drive from Zagreb, you will reach Karlovac, a city with four rivers and an old fortress at Europe´s defense line. Near Karlovac, there is Petrova gora, known for the place of death of the last Croatian king Petar Svačić in 1097. That hilly hunting landscape is most known for the premium wild boar hunting. Many „gold“ boars had been killed there, in the typical wild boar habitat. Today, snipe hunting is especially appreciated.

Three hunting grounds are open during the whole year and they offer wild boar hunting from stands.

Hunt on wild boars with chasing dogs is especially attractive from the beginning of November until the end of January. Deer hunting season lasts from the beginning of May until the end of September. Deer hunting methods are waiting, stalking and luring. All game animals in hunting grounds are native with natural reproductive cycles and free daily and seasonal migrations.

Hunting grounds:

· Hunting ground: Petrova gora
· Type: open
· Size: 13 640 ha

Our guests hunters can experience a hunt on wild boars and deer in an open hunting ground that covers the area of 13 640 ha, and, after hunting, a pleasant stay in a divided hunter´s salon in Hunting Lodge Muljava. This hunting ground is a typical wild boar habitat and many „gold“ boars were killed here. The most popular small game is the snipe.

Contanct: Albert Ofner, 098/348-016

· Hunting ground: Kuplensko
· Type: open
· Size: 5 943 ha

Hunting ground Kuplensko is run by the Kvazar Bedeković private company. Besides wild boar and deer hunting, the hunt on small game animals is also available. The most attractive animals are snipes, rabbits and pheasants out of natural breed.

Contanct: Josip Bedeković, 098/310-550

· Lovište: Vojnić
· Type: open
· Size: 7 761 ha

The hunting ground is run by LD Šljuka Lasinja. Besides wild boar and deer hunting, the hunt on small game animals (snipe, rabbit and pheasant) is also available.

Contact: Tomica Klasić, 091/6278-098